1. What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a powerful photo-editing app offered by Google available to both Android devices and iPhone/iPad. It is considered the closest to a Photoshop CC for mobile devices. But Snapseed is much easier to use because Snapseed app aims to offer basic and professional image editing services to users.
With a Snapseed app, you can directly edit the taken photos on your phone without transferring them to the computer for an edition. Just a few swipes with your fingers, you can see how the different effect you apply to the image change it in real time.
More than 20 editing tools are provided, you are able to simply adjust the value until you are satisfied. What' more, once you've finished editing a photo on Snapseed, you can quickly share it on social media like Instagram, Facebook by tapping Share icon in Export tab.

2. Screenshots of Snapseed App

Snapseed app is one of the most popular photo editors in mobile devices. Great editing tools and easy operation might be the key for it to attract more and more users.


3.Features on Snapseed

When comes to the reason why Snapseed becomes so popular in Android and iPhone/iPad, Snapseed app contains massive awesome features.

3.1 User-friendly interface design

Nowadays many people prefer many people will be in favor of a concise and elegant design style. A clear and concise interface design has the ability to capture users' eyes because of the strong contrast of the background and the text. Moreover, this kind of design usually would like to make use of lots of pictures and blocky layout. In this way, users are able to understand and catch needed information with ease.

Get back to Snapseed app. The whole application only contains two colors - white and gray. No too much information so that users can concentrate on their photo editing.


3.2 Powerful Editing Tools

One of the key features of Snapseed is massive photo editing tools such as Tune Image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, Selective, Healing, Vignette, Text. It enables users to adjust the value of each parameter to perfect their images.
Besides, the order of using these editing tools is also important. Different combination and order will cause unexpected outcomes. To create a satisfied output image, you need to explore more in Snapseed.
Here are some frequently-use Snapseed editing tools.

Tune Image
Tune Image is designed for image basic edition, including Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Shadows, Highlights, and Warmth. Users can swipe vertically on the image to access the edit menu and horizontally adjust the value of each parameter for precise adjustments.
- Brightness: Darken or lighten the entire image.
- Contrast: Increase or decrease the overall contrast of the image.
- Saturation: Add or remove vibrancy to the colors in the image.
- Ambiance: A twist on contrast, adjust the balance of light in the entire image.
- Shadows: Darken or lighten only the shadows in the image.
- Highlights: Darken or lighten only the highlights in the image.
- Warmth: Add a warm or cool color cast to the entire image.

Tune Image Tool Snapseed


This tool enables you to adjust the value of some parameters like Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation in the selected part of the image. To make precise adjustments to specific areas of an image, you just need to tap on the plus-like icon, then, tap the desired area of the image to lay down a Control Point.
What's more, tapping and holding the Control Point, you can Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Reset all changes the Control Point.

Selective Tool Snapseed


Lens Blur
Many people want to know how to blur the background in Snapseed when the background is not clear and cannot emphasize the target of the image. Lens Blur tool in Snapseed can be the best choice. Len Blur tool supports linear or elliptical focus.
It enables users to alter the size, shape, or rotation of the focus by a pinching gesture. You can tap on the preset style icon to select the desired shape of any specular highlights that display within the blurred areas.

Elliptical Focus Lens Blur Snapseed


RAW Files Supported
To reduce the quality loss of the image, many people would like to save taken photos as RAW files for post edition. RAW file which is not actually an image yet aims to capture much more color information as possible. What's more, It can store the data of the original image sensor.
Not all the photo editors support RAW file edition. Fortunately, Snapseed supports! You can open and edit RAW files in Snapseed, accessing the Tools and Filters menu, including Exposure, Shadows, Highlight, Contrast, Structure, Temperature, Tint.

3.3 Helpful Snapseed Tutorials Offered

It's not easy for anyone to edit an image. Which step comes to the first? What should you enhance? Some of you might have some trouble with it. Don't worry! The Snapseed app offers you some helpful tutorials on how to edit a photo in Snapseed. So where can you find these Snapseed editing tips?
STEP 1. Tap on the three circle icon at the upper right corner.
STEP 2. Choose Tutorials option.
STEP 3. Scroll the tutorial list. Then, select a Snapseed editing tutorial suitable to your image.
STEP 4. Follow the tutorial to edit your photo on Snapseed.

Get Snapseed Tutorial

3.4 Other Awesome Features

- Output high-quality image.
- Provide massive preset Snapseed filters.
- Inspect adjustments in real time.
- 29 photo editing tools and preset style.
- Support facial beautification.
- Easy to operate.
- Support adding text in the images.


4. Snapseed APK for Android

Offered by Google, Snapseed APK specializes in photo editing. It enables users to precisely lay down enhancements to images with ease. In 2015, Snapseed APK was rated as one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015 by PC Magazine.
As one of the best photo apps for android, Snapseed Pro APK is totally free and safe to use with such amazing services. Unlike many photo editors, Snapseed always focuses on itself, updating new features and requiring no payment at all. No ads bother. Users can concentrate on editing photos. Therefore, Snapseed was rated as one of the Top 100 Best Android Apps of 2018 by PC Magazine again.

4.1 Overview on Snapseed APK

Name Snapseed APK
Category Photography
Released on December 6, 2012
Offered by Google LLC
The Latest Version
Updated on June 25, 2018
File Size 29.3MB
Requirements Android 4.4+
Rating 4.5 / 5.0
Downloads 50,000,000+


4.2 What's new on Snapseed APK for Android?
To offer a better overall experience to users, Snapseed always tries to update itself frequently. The latest version of Snapseed APK is v2.19.0.201907232, updated on June 25, 2018. By compared with the older version of Snapseed APK, there is something new on Snapseed new version.
  • Added support for a dark theme mode in Settings
  • Bug fixes. 
4.3 How to download and Install Snapseed APK on Android

Snapseed is considered one of the best photo editors on Android. You can always find the Snapseed app on the top list of photography. More than 50 million people would like to choose it to edit their photos for its powerful editing services. Moreover, Snapseed pro editor is available to download on Google Play with a few simple steps.

STEP 1. Download Snapseed APK file.


STEP 2. Follow the instructions to install Snapseed.

NOTE. If the installation page doesn't show up automatically when Snapseed APK downloading is finished, you probably need to enable the "Unknown sources" option in Settings. Because an attempt to download Snapseed APK will be blocked if it is not downloaded in Google Play.

Here' s simple tutorial to enable "Unknown sources" option.
STEP 1. Navigate to Settings > Security.
STEP 2. Scroll down and find "Unknown sources" option.
STEP 3. Enable this option.

Unknown Scources Setting


After that you can go on installing Snapseed APK on your Android phone like Samsung S9/ S9 Plus, S8/ S8 Plus, etc. Next, get ready to edit your photos.

5. Snapseed App for iOS ( iPhone/iPad )

Snapseed app for iPhone/iPad is able to access also. The latest version of Snapseed app is v2.18.2, updating June 13, 2018. Snapseed app for iPhone serve the same services as Snapseed APK for Android.
In App Store, Snapseed app is regarded as the Editors' choice. There is no doubt that Snapseed is one the best photo editors for free in App Store. You can enjoy the professional services for image editing. This app is designed for touch and make adjustments easily, so you don't need to worry that it's complicated to use.

5.1 Overview on Snapseed App for iPhone/iPad

Name Snapseed
Category Photo & Video
Initial Released on August 2011
The Latest Version v2.18.2
Updated on Jun 13, 2018
File Size 75.1MB
Requirement iOS 9.0 or later
Offered by Google LLC
Rating 4.2/5.0
License Free


5.2 What's new on Snapseed App

Snapseed app's new version for iPhone/iPad is V2.18.2, updated on June 13, 2018. It has been updated in many aspects, for example:
• Support for iPhone X.
• Updated design: Built for easier access to Snapseed's robust editing tools.
• New Looks palette: 11 beautiful presets handcrafted by the Snapseed team.
• Perspective tool: Adjust or automatically correct skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings.

5.3 How to download Install Snapseed for iPhone/iPad

Do you want to download Snapseed on your phone? If you want to enjoy Snapseed editing services on your iPhone or iPad, you are able to simply download it on App Store without any limitation.
STEP 1. Search "Snapseed" on the App Store.
STEP 2. Directly tap the "GET" button. Enter your Apple ID password, if asked.
Then, Snapseed App will automatically start downloading and installing in your iPhone or iPad.

Download Snapseed iPhone

6. Snapseed for PC or Mac

There is no doubt that Snapseed is one of the most powerful image editor apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad. After enjoying its great services, some of you might want to enjoy Snapseed on PC/ Mac also. Especially, when Adobe Photoshop program is toughly difficult to you, the desire to use Snapseed on PC to edit images becomes stronger and stronger.

Unfortunately, there is no desktop version of Snapseed downloading offered to Windows 10 or Mac computers. However, you can download Snapseed for PC and for Mac! But, you need to download an Android emulator to help Snapseed running successfully.

What is the Android emulator? Android emulator is an Android Virtual Device that has the ability to represent an Android device. Moreover, it serves as a platform to run Android applications on your PC. For example, you are able to download Bluestacks on your PC or Mac so as to run Snapseed APK on the desktop.

Then, you can directly launch Snapseed APK on the desktop to edit your images.

7. Simple Tutorial on How to Use Snapseed App

With so many tools offered, some of you might be thinking it is quite complicated to use Snapseed editing tools and don't know how to start editing a photo with Snapseed. Don't worry. Here we will teach you how to edit a photo in Snapseed with some editing tips.

STEP 1. First of all, you need to open an image
Open Snapseed app. > Tap anywhere to open a photo. > Select your needed photo. Then, you can directly select a filter in LOOKS tab. If you don't find a satisfied one, let's move to step 2.

Open a Pic on Snapseed


STEP 2. Select a Tool
Snapseed provides 11 editing tools - Tune Image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, Selective, Healing, Vignette, Text. Tap the TOOLS tab to select a tool. Basically, we recommend you to choose Tune Image for basic edits like Brightness and Contrast adjustment.

Snapseed Tools List


STEP 3. Start Editing Photo
To adjust the degree of the effect, you can scroll vertically on the photo to select a parameter, then swipe horizontally to change the value of the parameter.
We take using Tune Image too as an example. In this section, you can adjust parameters including Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Highlights, Shadows, Warmth.

STEP 4. Apply Your Adjustment
To save the changes you've made, tap on the checkmark at the lower right corner. If you want to cancel the changes, tap on the "×" option.
Of course, if you want to edit the photo more, you can choose another tool in the TOOLS list again.

Adjust Brightness Snapseed


STEP 5. Add a Preset Style
When the basic edits are finished, in this step you can choose a preset style to perfect your photo. Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black and White, Frames, Face preset style are available to use. Lots of Snapseed filters are accessible.

STEP 6. Save Your Edited Photo
Finish! Now you might get ready to save the photo and want to share it with your friends.
Tap on Export. You can directly tap on "Share..." option to share this photo on Instagram or other platforms. Or you are able to tap on "Save", "Save a copy" or "Export" to save the edited photo.

Save Edited Image Snapseed


After reading this Snapseed tutorial, it's not hard to edit a photo on Snapseed app, right? What's more, there are still more amazing services waiting for you to explore in Snapseed. So why not download this awesome image editor and have a try?

8. Snapseed Editing Tips and Tricks

Now, you've known how to use Snapseed and do some basic editions to a image. Of course, just a few steps are not enough to make a image much more perfect. If you want to share images on Instagram, you will need to crop image to be in square shape. Probably, you might need to adjust perspective distortion intuitively for a perfect picture composition. Or you would like to adjust the color setting to balance the colors of an image.
Take it easy! Here we will show your some Snapseed editing tips online. Let's check this video!

To get more Snapseed editing tips and tricks, learn more.

9. FAQs on Snapseed App

9.1 Is Snapseed Free?

Yes. Snapseed is totally free to use on Android and iPhone. Many photo editors require a premium account to unblock some editing tools. However, in Snapseed, you are able to freely enjoy all professional photo editing services.

9.2 Can I open and edit RAW photos in Snapseed?

Yes. Snapseed has the ability to access and edit RAW photos only when your Snapseed is in version 2.9 or higher. Both Android and iPhone are supported RAW editing.

9.3 I can't update my Snapseed APK for Android. How to deal with it?

First of all, please make sure your Android device is well compatible with the latest Snapseed. If not, the old version of Snapseed will be suitable for your device. If it is but the Play Store only displays a previous version, in this case, you will need to clear the Play Store data.

To clear data in the Google Play Store:
STEP 1. Open the devices' Settings > Apps > Google Play Store
STEP 2. Tap CLEAR DATA option.
STEP 3. Tap OK to confirm "Delete app data?"
STEP 4. Restart the device.
You should now be able to install the latest version of Snapseed.

9.4 Can I keep the original image quality without any quality loss?

Some people find that the image quality compressed after editing in Snapseed. Want to save an image without compression? First, move to Settings. > Tap "Format And Quality". > Choose JPG 100% which will apply the lowest compression rate at the cost of increased file size.

NOTE. Snapseed will set "JPG 95%" option by default.

Get High Quality Image Snapseed


9.5 Can I use Snapseed online?

I'm so sorry that Snapseed does not provide online service for image editing. Snapseed is an image editor app for both Android devices and iPhone/iPad.

9.6 Unable to open photos in Snapseed.

For Android:
If your device has installed some storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, please make sure whether your device is compatible with the transfer process for a particular storage app or not.
If not, the related app icon will not appear when you tap Open. Moreover, there is not a way to access photo stored within that app. In this case, the best way can be to save the images from the app to the device's internal storage beforehand.

For iPhone/iPad:
Sometimes Snapseed's access to Photo is restricted with an error message, saying "this app does not have access to your photos or videos" after selecting Open from Device. To deal with this:
- Go to Settings > General > Restrictions.
- Enter your device's restriction passcode. If this is your first time to enable Restrictions, you will require to set a passcode at the beginning.
- Then, go to Photos.
- Make sure that Allow Changes is checked.
- Enable Snapseed in the list.

Try your Snapseed again!

9.7 Is there a Dark theme in Snapseed?

Yes. On Jun 9, 2018, Snapseed adds Dark theme as an update in Android APK.
Move to Settings. > Enable "Dark theme" option.
Unfortunately, this service is only available in Snapseed APK for Android.

Dark Theme Snapseed

10. More Apps


Since its first release in 2011, Camera360 app has gathered more than 800 million active users. It enables users to edit images with professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects. Camera360 app can be your favorite photo editor.


If someone asks, which photo editor can be listed on the top? PicsArt will be definitely displayed on the list. PicsArt app is a versatile photo editor, providing massive powerful service for users to use, for example, photo blending, artistic filters, AI-powered photo effects, Photoshop-style layering and drawing tools. More than 100 million monthly active users have reached.
PicsArt Logo


YouCam, containing YouCam Perfect and YouCam Makeup, is a one-step selfie beauty camera for Android and iPhone/iPad. It offers basic image edits such as brightness, contrast, ambiance, highlights, shadows and so forth. More than 50 million people are fond of YouCam apps. If you want to beautify your selfie with the easiest steps, you cannot miss YouCam.
Bitmoji Logo


Do you want to make the image more interesting? Then, you cannot miss Bitmoji, which aims to enable users to create their personal emoji, expressive cartoon avatar. The growing library of moods and stickers can help you to feature the image also. More than one billion people have downloaded this awesome app.

11. Snapseed App Reviews

I must give it 5 stars cause it has all the features that a mobile photo editor app should have. Generally, I don't review any app but it's good. After installing I came to know why this app is Editor choice. Thank you, Google for providing us such a good app. Thank you once again.-- Thomas
Very Good, just love it. I tried some apps but they didn't match my expectations, but this app is really good. I'm fully satisfied. -- bajracharya
This is a wonderful app. If you're a phone photography enthusiast, this app will not let you down. I love it have been using it for 3 years now. Very easy to understand and perform shop. Plus there are lots of things to mess around with.-- pedro Torres